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SpaceX Dragon Cargo To Launch Aboard Falcon 9 Towards The ISS On July 24th

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The new SpaceX Dragon Cargo mission is a couple of days away from launch aboard Falcon 9, the California-based rocket builder aiming to have everything ready for July 24th.
'The new SpaceX Dragon Cargo mission is a couple of days away from launch aboard Falcon 9, the California-based rocket builder aiming to have everything ready for July 24th.The mission consists of the resupply of the International Space Station (the ISS). Falcon 9 pre-flight test completed a few days ago CRS-18, as SpaceX named this mission, will mark the eighteenth mission for the SpaceX program that will be a resupply service contracted with NASA.A test was carried on Wednesday in preparation for the official launch, with a vehicle that would take the Dragon Cargo capsule to orbit.Coincidental or not, the launch will have its debut on the 50th anniversary of NASA’s Apollo 11 moon landing. “Falcon 9 static fire test complete – targeting July 24 launch from Pad 4p in Florida for Dragon’s eighteenth resupply mission to the @Space_Station,” wrote SpaceX the late Friday, July 19th.This Friday, an ordinary preparation occurred with the scorched Falcon 9, a first stage booster that lit its flames to life, emitting smoke from its engines.These tests are always made just to make sure everything is up and running for the actual flight.This pre-flight test was actually going to be carried on July 16, yet it got delayed for three days with no apparent reason.As the rocket’s engines ended their ignition, SpaceX posted a message on tweeter confirming that the launch would be carried on Wednesday.SpaceX Dragon Cargo mission would deliver supplies and scient equipment to the ISS As the liftoff was set at 6:24 p.m EDT on Wednesday, and if everything goes smooth and according to plan, the capsule will take two days to arrive at the ISS, on July 26th.The cargo will contain crew supplies, but most importantly, 1,135 kilograms of science equipment that would power a series of experiments for the Expeditions 59 and 60.The Flacon 9 that carries the Dragon Cargo spacecraft would make the Dragon go a third time in space orbiting on CRS-18, having done other deliveries on April 2015 and December 2017, said SpaceX. . The post SpaceX Dragon Cargo To Launch Aboard Falcon 9 Towards The ISS On July 24th appeared first on Advocator .'

Canada Invests in Canadian Indigenous Clean Technology

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Press Release July 15, 2019                   Peterborough, Ontario              Natural Resources Canada When we invest in Canadian ideas, our economy grows and our communities flourish.
'Press Release July 15, 2019                   Peterborough, Ontario              Natural Resources Canada When we invest in Canadian ideas, our economy grows and our communities flourish.That is why the Government of Canada is funding the development of innovative new products and processes in our natural resource sectors.Minister of International Development and Minister for Women and Gender Equality, the Honourable Maryam Monsef, on behalf of Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, the Honourable Amarjeet Sohi, today announced an additional $3.1-million investment for an Indigenous-led clean technology pilot project that aims to use resources more efficiently to reduce pollution and water waste.Carbonix, a Canadian Indigenous technology company, is partnering with Trent University and SGS Lakefield to scale up a project that produces tailored activated carbons from sustainably sourced feedstocks, like petroleum coke and wood waste, and uses them to capture contaminants from industrial waste streams and mine tailings.This project aims to accelerate the return of the water used during extraction processes back to the environment and accelerate land restoration.This additional funding — provided by Natural Resources Canada’s Clean Growth Program — builds on the initial investment of $120,000 provided by NRCan’s Indigenous Forestry Initiative and Indigenous Services Canada’s Strategic Partnerships Initiative.Through Generation Energy, Canada’s national energy dialogue, Canadians expressed that they want Canada to continue to be a leader in the transition to a clean growth economy.The Government of Canada will continue to support energy projects that create a clean, sustainable, competitive natural resources sector that cuts pollution and acts on climate change.Quotes “Through projects like this, the Government of Canada is finding solutions that will help reduce pollution, drive clean innovation and create good jobs.Accelerating clean technology development is key to promoting sustainable economic growth as Canada moves toward a clean energy future — helping us meet our domestic and international commitments while maintaining our natural resource advantage for years to come.” – Maryam Monsef Minister of International Development and Minister for Women and Gender Equality “At the Inorganic Materials Research Lab at Trent University, we’re proud to be working with industry partners to advance the development and application of clean technologies.These commercial research opportunities with private and public sector partners are invaluable for students, who are seeing first-hand the potential of cross-collaboration to address some of Canada’s and the world’s environmental issues.” – Dr.Andrew Vreugdenhil Associate Professor, Head of the Inorganic Materials Research Laboratory, Trent University “The support of NRCan and partners such as Suncor and MNDM, enables Carbonix to take the R&D efforts the company began in 2011 and transition them for commercial-scale application.Carbonix recognizes that Canada is a nation whose backbone of the economy and jobs is founded and largely based on the resource extraction industries of energy, mining and forestry.Carbonix supports these industries, and we wish them to flourish.Moreover, as an indigenous company, we wish to support their efforts to return the lands and waters back to their natural state.” – Paul Pede President/CEO, Carbonix Inc.Quick facts The Clean Growth Program is a $155-million investment fund that helps advance emerging clean technologies’ commercial readiness so that natural resource operations can further reduce their impacts on air, land and water while enhancing competitiveness and creating jobs.The Indigenous Forestry Initiative provides funding to support Indigenous-led economic development in Canada’s forest sector to increase Indigenous participation in forestry-related opportunities, businesses, careers and governance.The Strategic Partnerships Initiative is an innovative program designed to increase Indigenous participation in complex economic development opportunities, particularly in the natural resource sectors, where projects are emerging at an unprecedented rate across the country.Associated links Carbonix Clean Growth Program Tailings Management Through Nano Technologies Contacts Natural Resources Canada Media Relations 343-292-6100 NRCan.media_relations-media_relations.RNCan@canada.ca Vanessa Adams Press Secretary Office of the Minister of Natural Resources 343-543-7645 Vanessa.Adams@canada.ca IBF5 . The post Canada Invests in Canadian Indigenous Clean Technology appeared first on Indigenous Business & Finance Today .'

Harmeet Dhillon is taking on Antifa and big tech

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Harmeet Dhillon is making history by launching Publius Lex, a non-profit organization with a broad mandate: to fight in the courts for civil rights of Americans whose voices have been silenced by activists, big tech, and legacy media.
'Harmeet Dhillon is a force of natural justice.For those in the know, she’s become a free-speech legal superhero.The San Francisco-based civil rights lawyer won a major free speech victory over UC Berkeley ; she represents James Damore in his ongoing fight against Google’s monolithic, social-justice corporate culture; and now, she’s making history by launching Publius Lex , a non-profit organization with a broad mandate: to fight in the courts for civil rights of Americans whose voices have been silenced by activists, big tech, and legacy media.Dhillon agreed to sit down with The Post Millennial and she told me that it’s a lengthy process to establish a non-profit in the United States, and that Publius Lex was finally approved by U.S. tax authorities as a nonprofit entity earlier this year.Publius Lex’s first case is the troubling story of Andy Ngo—a brave, young, talented journalist who writes for the Wall Street Journal , National Review , Quillette and others.Ngo was brutally beaten by Antifa thugs in the streets of Portland on July 29th for the simple fact that he was a journalist doing his job.   “[Ngo] is the victim of an organized criminal movement that is speech-suppressing, that is violent, that is enabled by the inaction of the government,” Dhillon said. “Portland and certain other liberal cities in the United States have ceded control of their streets to this violent, organized mob.” On the topic of the cozy relationships between progressivist politicians, journalists and Antifa, Dhillon pulled no punches. “Many mainstream journalists echo the message of Antifa, are apologists for Antifa.Don Lemon praised Antifa.Chuck Todd has had Dartmouth Professor Mark Bray who wrote the Antifa Handbook on his show, and who justifies violence as an appropriate response to disagreeable ideologies.Antifa has been glamourized by prominent liberal politicians such as Keith Ellison, who posed with the Antifa Handbook . Ngo’s assault was preceded by many mainstream figures speaking with authority and legitimizing the approach taken by his attackers.” Andy Ngo opened the world’s eyes to violence of Antifa, and Dhillon is intent on delivering the justice that he deserves.She summed up Antifa succinctly as the “stormtroopers of the left”: “There are some national Antifa leaders that we’ve been able to identify.They travel from city to city and they help to organize these planned riots.It’s amazing to me that the federal authorities haven’t cracked down on this.Antifa believes they have the civil right to commit a crime without being recorded by journalists.Bravo to Andy for standing up to them.But it’s going to take all of us to stand up to them.” Of course, the mandate of Publius Lex goes beyond taking on Antifa.Dhillon told me that she hopes to one day rival the legacy civil rights nonprofits such as the SPLC and the ACLU which have been overrun with identity politics.It’s a much-needed corrective.  “The ACLU got woke and stopped protecting speech of all kinds.The model of Publius Lex is to identify deserving cases that would have a broader impact beyond the individual or entity affected, and finding outside lawyers who are passionate and willing to take on these cases.This is a non-partisan entity.We are not going to be choosing cases based on a person’s politics.We are going to ask: does this person have a civil rights issue that is not being addressed by the current legacy civil rights establishment, and will addressing this problem affect other people?” Dhillon said.Dhillon participated in and spoke at the White House Digital Summit, an event that was slimed by the mainstream media for the simple fact that they were not invited to participate . “It was a huge honour for me,” she says of the moment the president gave her the podium after introducing her as one of the leading free speech attorneys in the U.S.  “It was a highly unusual gathering,” Dhillon said. “There were so many people that you would only know by their Twitter handles, and there were top lawmakers like Dan Crenshaw , Kevin McCarthy,Marsha Blackburn there.I felt energized and positive about it because, at a minimum, people who have been working on these issues and suffering censorship all over the country now know each other face to face.This will facilitate working together to find solutions to these problems.The goal being either negotiated solutions with industry legislation, regulation, rule interpretation.There’s a panoply of potential solutions that can occur.Everything is on the table.Many politicians and many independent commentators such as Tim Pool agree that the censorship we are seeing is dangerous for our country and our society.” Dhillon told me that breaking up the monopolies is a start, but it won’t be the entire solution: “I think transparency at these companies is key.One thing that’s been suggested by the right and the left is that companies should be required to publish who they took down and why, so that data may be compared over time and among platforms.These companies have been caught stealing people’s data.They lie about what they do with your data—an issue that many on the left are concerned about as well.They misrepresent their censorship and data use activities even under oath before Congress.There’s no accountability for that because a lot of politicians are in the pockets of these big tech companies.” The Orwellian problems Dhillon seeks to remedy may seem daunting, but there is an increasing number of independent voices that refuse to be silenced.With more and more people finding themselves alienated, disillusioned, or even cancelled by the current cultural context, there will be no shortage of worthy clients for the project.In an era where big tech , legacy media and global leaders are banding together to suppress freedom of speech and limit access to social media platforms for citizens who wish to participate in democracy, Dhillon’s Publius Lex is not only a worthy initiative, it’s a necessary one.  . 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