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Jewish woman thrown off balcony in France, judge suggests alleged murderer may get off because he was high on weed

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Traroré crushed the skull of Attal with her bedside telephone.Her body, covered only by a patterned gown, soaked with blood, was dragged to the balcony.
'Lucie Attal, an Orthodox Jewish woman, fell to her death from her third-story balcony.The story of her killing rocked the nation of France and the Jewish community.Now, her murderer, who was high on marijuana and diagnosed by several psychiatrists, may have his charges dropped.In 2017, Kalibi Traroré had just smoked several joints and watched The Punisher , when he charged into a neighbouring family’s apartment.The tenants managed to lock themselves in a room, protected from Traroré frenzy, and called the police.Traroé then continued to climb a fire escape, into the bedroom of his eventual victim.Traroré crushed the skull of Attal with her bedside telephone.Her body, covered only by a patterned gown, soaked with blood, was dragged to the balcony.Then, like John Travolta in The Punisher, he threw her off the building.As Attal fell, Traroré was heard shouting “I killed the Sheitan !” Sheitan , in Arabic, translates to the English word “devil.” After the attack, Traroré was brought to psychiatric attention where he has stayed since.As Le Parisian reports, several psychiatrists have seen Traroré since the attack and have mainly concluded he cannot be held accountable for his actions.Yet, it is Traroré’s status as a French-Malian Muslim and Lucie Attal’s Jewish identity that has kept the French public fixated on the case.Antisemitism and islamophobia are particularly present in France.Nonetheless, Daniel Zagury, one of the many respected French psychiatrists handling the case of Traroré’s, concluded it was not likely that Traroré’s act came from premeditated antisemitism.This did not bar Zagury from concluding that French “society’s atmosphere” of antisemitism helps to often direct “delirious episodes among subjects of the Muslim religion.” The judge’s decision in a preliminary court hearing that there are “plausible reasons” to consider dropping charges against Traroré came with the advice of psychiatrists like Zagury.The Union of French Jewish Communities has since commented that not judging “this classic case of an anti-Semitic killing” would be “tantamount to killing [Attal] a second time.”  Indeed, there is a pile of evidence suggesting Traroré acted from anti-Semitic prejudice.Before her murder, Attal had told her brother she had been harassed by Traroré in their building’s elevator and was afraid for her personal safety.Furthermore, an imam at the Omar Mosque Traroré attended was asked to leave France in 2012 for his radical preachings.In a comprehensive report by The Guardian , a close Moroccan neighbour to Attal was approached for comment.His eye apparently filled up with tears as he recalled her designation for him as a “shabbos goy,” an aid to Attal on the sabbath.Being a Muslim himself, he commented, “a Muslim would not do this.” Nonetheless, the murder and several anti-Semitic killings that have been provoked a call to have certain verses of the Qu’ran in France “banished to obscurity.” . The post Jewish woman thrown off balcony in France, judge suggests alleged murderer may get off because he was high on weed appeared first on The Post Millennial .'

Are You Wasting Your Time & Effort in the Gym?

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Useless Gym Habits, According to Trainers
'Trainers Reveal the Most Useless Gym Habits and Practices How often do you go to the gym? What sort of routine or regimes to do you follow? Are you hydrating enough? There are handfuls of factors to take into consideration when optimizing your habits. You may think you know the optimal answers here – we did too – but as it turns out, a lot of our common gym practices may not actually be working in our favor. RELATED: Best Chest Workout Routines We spoke to trainers to see what the most common fitness mistakes are – and frankly, their answers may surprise you. Here’s what you should – and shouldn’t – be doing at the gym. Doing “Heavy Weights for Muscle, Light Weights for Burning Fat” GettyImages According to Eric Bowling, a NASM-certified personal trainer from Ultimate Performance Los Angeles, there is a common misconception that only heavy weight builds muscle and light weights burn more fat. “The key to building muscle and strength is that you need to push your muscles to failure,” Bowling says, which can be done with light weights, but the more weight you lift (the more demand you place on your body) the more energy it needs to produce to execute that lift. So heavy weights are also very important for fat loss. Bowling suggests training as heavy as possible (this is relative to the individual) and across a variety of rep ranges, making sure each time you are challenging your body safely and effectively. Doing Hundreds of Sit-Ups and Expecting Abs Sadly, doing 1,000 sit-ups a day won’t get you the perfect set of abs. “First and foremost, the visibility of abs depends on your diet and where you carry body fat,” Bowling says, “Therefore you need overall fat loss and training combined.” Bowling urges that overall fat loss is the key takeaway here. Unfortunately, you cannot spot reduce fat, and everyone holds fat differently, in different parts of the body. If you are looking for a leaner physique, Bowling recommends focusing on heavy compound exercises that force you to engage your core, like deadlifts and squats. You should also be following a calorie-controlled diet that is optimized for fat loss. Doing Cardio Before Weights GettyImages “There isn't any magic exercise order,” Bowling urges, “however, doing any kind of cardio immediately before your weights session can have a negative impact as you will have less available energy to perform those exercises and will hit fatigue much more quickly.” Weight training when your energy supplies are low is likely to be less effective and more likely to result in injury. Bowling suggests splitting up the two training modalities to different days – but if you don’t have time in your week to do so, try to prioritize your weight training first. Doing Too Much Without Making Time to Rest and Recover According to Jason Debel, personal trainer and co-founder of Urban Strength , there’s a “ruthless warrior” attitude floating around the gym, which holds onto the idea that the more you train, the better. “Regardless if your goals are for aesthetic or performance reasons, your body operates the same as every other human body on this planet – it needs rest in order to recover.” Debel says, “Rest is important to allow your body the chance to repair broken down muscle tissue and restore its nutrient levels. And this doesn't mean switching out weights for cardio on your rest day. Rest means rest. Pushing your body to its limit continuously is only going to result in two things – burnout and injury.” When you are fatigued, you're more likely to have poor form, which will result in injury. Listen to your body and understand when it's time to hang up the dumbbells for a day. Carrying a Water Bottle While Working Out GettyImages This may come as a surprise, but hydrating during your workout may not have the effect you’re hoping for. In fact, it could actually be harming you. Dr. Allen Conrad, BS, DC, CSCS, and the owner of Montgomery County Chiropractic Center states, “While proper hydration is important for good health and exercise, it is more important to drink water two hours before a workout, and after you are done.” You will see people at the gym taking a drink of water after every weight lifting rep they do, but it’s not going to make much of a difference, and some research shows that too much water during exercise can actually slow you down. RELATED: Rules for Dressing for the Gym “For elite athletes, instead of drinking during exercise, they will weigh themselves before and after the workout, and drink the amount of fluid they lost in water weight once they are done,” Conrad says, “but for everyone else, just wait until you are done your workout, and drink 6-8 glasses of water per day, and whenever you are thirsty.” Sticking With the Same Routine According to Monica Lam-Feist , ACE Certified Personal Trainer, getting into a habitual routine at the gym is not going to do you any favors. “We’re creatures of habit, especially when it comes to the gym,” she says, “If you’ve found a workout that you absolutely love and has helped you achieve results, the worst thing you can do is do it over and over.” Lam-Feist suggests varying your workouts if you want to see progress. Keeping your body guessing by changing up your routine and challenging yourself is one of the easiest ways to take your fitness to the next level. 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Public plea to help find body of missing man

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FORT ST.JOHN, B.C. – Andrea Kingma has posted to her FB account a public plea for help in locating her husband who has been missing on the Peace River.
'FORT ST.JOHN, B.C. – Andrea Kingma has posted to her FB account a public plea for help in locating her husband who has been missing on the Peace River.Kingma said, “he has been missing since May 29th, we just want to remind people to keep a lookout for his body as we aren’t sure where along the peace river he is or if he got swept down past Taylor.” On Wednesday, May 29, 2019, the Hudson’s Hope RCMP were called to a location near the Peace Canyon Bridge after reports that a male had fallen into the river.Local emergency crews immediately started the search with help from North Peace Search and Rescue.Posted to Kingma’s FB profile on Monday, July 8th, 2019, her post reads as follows; “So I still don’t have any updates to share on my hubby’s recovery (he’s the one in the middle) as they still have not found his body.But he is either trapped somewhere under water between Hudson hope and Taylor bc or there is a chance he might have gotten swept down past Taylor bc either way it would mean the world to me if this could get shared to anyone who is in one of the towns or cities along the peace river in bc and Alberta please.I would love nothing more then to have him come home for a proper goodbye. again he the one in the middle.If you do find him please contact the rcmp This was the last picture he took with his buddies.He has 2 tattoos on the left arm.Thank you!” Kingma shares, they have not received any updates on the recovery of her husband’s body that might be caught in the river or has travelled south of Taylor, possibly into Alberta.She is wanting to have him home for proper closure.According to social media posts, the missing person was working in the Hudson’s Hope area and had gone fishing with two other friends when he went missing.If you have any information, contact the Hudson’s Hope RCMP at (250) 783-5241.     . The post Public plea to help find body of missing man appeared first on Energeticcity.ca .'